Properly Protect and Care for Hair Wig

We all know that high quality wig have a expensive price, especially for 100% human hair wigs, such as Brazilian water wave wigs, Peruvian straight hair wigs and Malaysian curly hair wigs. And most people pay attention to this question that how long their wig will last for. Actually, if you care your wig in a correctly way, the wig will last for a long time. Today, I will give you some tips to care for your wig.

1. Protect the wig from heat.

This is the first point that you need pay attention to. Generally speaking, Lace wigs can be damaged by heat especially when you open an oven door as well as cook over a stove stop. However, if you cannot avoid to wear your wig while cooking or baking, you should better to wear a turban or tuck your wig with a hat in order to protect it. Additionally, you should try to not use a hair dryer, a curling iron or other drying aids on your wig, because your uncorrect opearation may cause an irreparable damage for your wig.

2. Wash a human hair wig with mild shampoo and conditioner.

For human hair wigs that you should not to wash it too often. Especially you will keep your wig on for a prolonged period time at every time you wear a wig, then you should better to wash it every six to eight wears. At the same time, you should remove any tangles firstly. And you can brush the wig gently with a wig brush. Plus, for curly wigs like Brazilian curly hair wigs and Indian curly hair wigs, you can through the wig lightly with your fingers in order to remove any tangles before you wash it.

As for wash a human hair wig, the first step is to turn the wig inside out, and then, you should immerse your wig in a basin which mix cold water and mild shampoo. Besides, you can also try to swirl your wig gently and soak it for about five minutes. After that, you should rinse your wig 1-2 times until you can make sure the shampoo is removed from your wig. Do not forget to use conditioner. It is also very important for your wig. You can apply it on your wig and last for two minutes in order to make the conditioner to penetrate virgin hair vendors. And then, rinse the wig with cold water until all the conditioner is off. Once you have washed your wig, you can wrap it with a dry towel and pat it gently. The best way to dry your wig is to put it on a wig stand and use a wig brush to comb it. But you should avoid to place your wig under the sun directly and to brush it when it is still wet.

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3. Brush the wig out before you put it on.

It is necessary to brush your wig after you wash it. So, many people would forget to brush the wig before put it on your head. As a result, your wig will easily get tangle and it is hard to manage. At the same time, your hairstyle may also be dissatisfactory. Therefore, it is important to brush your wig out before you put it on. And the key point is you can only brush the wig when it is dry and use a wig brush, because you should make sure that the wig will not be pulled or damaged. A regular hairbrush or comb can stretch and stress your wig.



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