Benefits of Wearing Latex Powdered and Powder Free Gloves

They provide the protection needed to handle exposure to bodily fluids in and out of surgery, chemical usage and much more. When you are dealing with a high risk, heavy duty situation there are many reasons you will want to be sure you have these sturdier and stronger type of gloves.

When you are dealing with emergency surgery of if you are transferring highly caustic chemicals the top priority is to avoid skin contact at all cost. These type of gloves are made thick enough to prevent leakage or seepage while the stretchable, strong material can hold up in water as well as acids. These gloves are made very resistant to tears, punctures and rips while also retaining their unique flexibility that allows you to easily grip and also hold the delicate instruments used by many surgeons and medical professionals.

These gloves are available in powdered and powder free types. The first thing you will notice about Powdered Latex Gloves having being lightly powdered they will be just what is necessary in order to keep the glove on properly and also absorb any sweating that is done underneath the glove. The most common reason why someone would choose the powdered glove over one with out powder is that it allows the wearer to put on the glove easier. This is especially helpful to someone who has slightly wet hands or if the gloves fit very tightly this powder helps the gloves be put on easier. For anyone needing this light powder makes it much easier to put on sterile gloves as well. There are also gloves that are made very heavily powdered and some situations call for this.

There can be also a number of problems that can come along with powdered gloves and this is why some medial offices as well as individuals have decided to use powder free gloves instead. There are times when an individual may become allergic and have a reaction to the powder itself. This is more than likely this will cause you to be more allergic to the latex itself. The reason for this is that when you are putting on and mostly when removing the gloves some of this powder gets in the air and contains some of the latex proteins. This powder will then come in contact with the membranes, such as your nose and eyes and will cause you to be more sensitive to the latex. If you continue usage of the powdered gloves you will find that you will have more and more severe reactions and should discontinue use.

Fortunately for those that have reactions to the powder gloves have the option of using regular Latex Gloves which have no powder. These type of powder free gloves will not only decrease allergic reactions but will allow for longer use. This will mean people in the medical field can wear their gloves for longer periods of time which will come in very handy in the case of most surgeons. These gloves can not only protect their skin but also protect those around them.



  1. Foarte interesant articolul si util, si eu folosesc manusi latex cu pudra si le am si vandut foarte mult cand am fost angajata la o firma ce vindea acest gen de articole!

  2. Al meu foloseste aceste manusi pentru ca e maseur si are si o firma de curatenie unde lucreaza cu substante chimice, si nu poate fara manusi.

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