Straight or curly wigs?

I don’t know why the world is not satisfied with what has and always wants to be in constant change. When you have straight hair surely you want to make yourself curly and vice versa. My hair for instance is neither curly nor right but so seldom leave him like it wants. It is quite complicated after each wash head start on my hair done and I’m trying to make him look good.


A friend appeared a few days ago with a completely changed look. I couldn’t tell her that I love how he arranged her hair and that is much better than before. Honestly I didn’t notice that actually wearing a wig. I was amused by my words and told me that she has the same problems as me and prefer to use a wig when on the run and doesn’t have enough time to arrange. That way outside the box is that every time when the rest of the outfit hair looks good just to be clean and tidy!

I went on as she advised me and I kept trying to look perfect wig. On the site I found all kinds of models. I still had to decide on a square because I was very undecided. Hardly I concluded that I would like two.

I want one with straight hair and one african american wigs. I am very changeable and there are times when the hair stretched port for weeks, but I have moments when I’m bored and prefer curly hair. That way I solved all the problems. I took a few applications on my Iphone where I put my picture to see how I would sit with bangs and curly hair and I liked what I saw so I took courage.


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