What Hair Extensions Are Right for Me

Are you now joining the hair extensions community? Welcome! Figuring out which extensions are right for you can sometimes require a little trial and error. Not only do you have to get the color right, you have to take the length, style, and texture into consideration as well!

Unless you are going for spontaneous pops for color or an ombre look, you want to look for color that is as close a match to the hair on your head. You will never know how many shades of hair color there are until you’ve been hunting for extensions. First of all, search for hair that is the same (or similar) to the texture of your own. Having a large contrast like straight extensions clipped into a head of curly hair is very odd. You want heads turning toward you for good reason, not for questionable ones!

When it comes to length, you must decide how much you would like to add. You can add 12, 18, 23, and longer. You might also want to get your hands on multiple lengths so you can switch up your looks day after day.

Clip-ins are wefts of hair that are attached to a clip. Clip-ins make your hair routine much easier as they come in many different sizes that can be placed all around your head. Strategically placed, clip-ins help thinned out hair by adding volume, and with re-tightening from time to time they will stick in place for your convenience. The clip can be easily snapped into and out of place. Our Easixtend Clip In Extensions are long, luscious, and very easy to apply.

Tape-ins seem intimidating, but can become very manageable once practiced. With a small section of your own hair in hand from wholesale hair vendors apply the taped extensions, sticky side down, and as close to the roots of your own hair as possible. The tape is strong enough to hold to your hair. If you would like to double the thickness, try adding another extension to the underside of the tape section in a sandwich style effect. A touch up is recommended every six to eight weeks.

You may try several hair extension styles before finding the right fit for you, but once you come to a decision, you will never go back. Your hair routine just became ten times simpler! Nothing is easier than snapping, taping, or placing on some hair and heading out the door. Whether human or synthetic hair, your wish for longer hair has now been granted!



  1. Eu chiar as opta pentru o peruca din cand in cand, insa nu oricum, ci creata, pentru ca parul meu nu sta incretit mai mult de jumatate de ora! :))

  2. Din fericire eu am părul destul de lung și nu am simtit nevoia sa port extensii. Din cate am inteles, exista si breton fals. Pe acela l-aș purta. Mereu am vrut să văd cum mi-ar sta cu breton, însă imi e tema sa imi fac din propriul par.

  3. Nu am purtat extensii pana acum dar o peruca roz m-ar tenta, fiindca mereu mi-am dorit sa am parul roz dar nu am suficient curaj sa mi-l vopsesc asa.

  4. As dori sa cumpar cateva extensii pentru evenimente speciale. Sper sa reusesc sa le combin intr-un fel cu nuanta mea. As incerca cu mov sau verde, roz e prea tineresc pentru mine, totusi! 😀

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