Advantages and Disadvantages of Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave

So chances are that you have at least once in your lifetime, experienced some difficulty picking out the perfect virgin hair weave for you. If it makes you feel better, then we should probably tell you a secret!

You are not alone!

The stereotype that is often associated with women is that of being very picky – and with good reason – especially when it comes to picking out hair bundles. Hence why Brazilian hair is a hot commodity! Brazilian hair bundles are just perfect if you have always wanted your hair to look instantly fuller, healthier and longer.However, like other types of virgin hair weave or synthetic hair extension, they come packed with advantages and disadvantages. And because we are your personal hair consultants, we’ve listed all the pros and cons of Brazilian hair bundles, to help you decide if it’s the right weave for you!

Let’s start with the advantages.


  • These virgin hair weave are made of all-naturalhuman hair and have arguably, the highest quality amongst virgin hairs out there. They come right off thescalp of amazing Brazilian ladies, could it get any better?
  • Brazilianhair bundles can be cut to a desired length and dyed to match your natural or dyed hair and highlights
  • It’s possible to usecurling irons, flat irons and other heated styling products on them
  • You can wash, condition and dry these extensions using your regular shampoo and conditioner.
  • They look authentic, shiny and healthy, mostly because they actually are.
  • Once you learn how to fix these extensions properly, you’ll see that it is simple to loop or clip them into your own hair.


  •  Well, it is almost impossible to get anything this good for less than a high price. Natural extensions are a little bit expensive and the fact that you would need at least 3 pieces for a satisfying look doesn’t make it any more affordable. Buying wholesale Brazilian hair bundles might be thebest option, buy a lot for now and the future.
  • The troubles don’t go away when you can finally afford a couple of bundle, there are a lot more to consider. First off, the cost of fixing or installing the bundle is a pain, stylists and salon sessions don’t come cheap. You might be better off installing them yourself to save some good money. Once more, it’s not all jolly from here on. It can go wrongif you install them incorrectly, they will look gaudy. So, if you have not perfectedhow to install your weaves properly, it means you might have to pay a courtesy visit to the saloon with some of that good cash you were hoping to save.
  • On extremely scorching summer days, your Brazilian hair like any other hair might feel a little bit uncomfortable and heavy. Combine that with itchinessand you’ll have a scalp that itches during warm days.

In the end, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantageswhen purchasing Brazilian weaves. Here’s a little piece of healthy advice; Brazilian hair weaves are so good you may not want anything else once you get going, but watch don’t get your bank balance in the red zone, okay?


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