Wedding on the beach


If I could turn back time I would have liked to do a  beach  wedding  dresses, . Let’s hear breeze, scratch me in a clam or even feel fine, soft sand as I move through my fingers. In other words feel that smell of wild and out of rituals that you know everyone and that many do not but agrees the obligation to respect them.

I know that now I am brave and that I would change a lot if I could. If I had more courage to impose me in front of people who set about everything to me and yet I was responsible for the entire organization although they have taken into account. I don’t say it went bad or that would have misled but I would have liked to be a little different. I would have wanted to get out of the box and it looks like we did. I think that I will never impose these rules close loved ones and me.

I started to tell you how I see a perfect wedding. I think I missed the scenery that he appears on a white horse and you take the flight. Dreaming  …. I am dreaming with my eyes open and I like it. Sometimes it is good to do this and maybe for someone these ideas will be helpful.

short-wedding-dresses-minHow to look the dress? I want a Short Wedding Dresses Australia has to emphasize my feet and I don’t want a beautiful neckline too deep. I believe it is sufficient that show my legs and is even better to leave everything in sight. Yet I dare not go out of the box and I was wearing a white dress. I wouldn’t want cream or other combinations of colors but white reflecting that purity and that is a stark contrast to the blue sea.

I was discovered a new site, , and here I find some beautiful dress models. If you are looking for a wedding dress for sure you’ll love models on the site. I really recomand you this site and here you can find also accesories for the weeding and special dresses for your bride’s mother.


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