The right size of a leather bag

The bag is the indispensable accessory of a woman. I have known many women over time and very few have claimed they do not use a purse. More rarely, but I hear there are people who find a messenger to be uncomfortable. I have to contradict and even want to say a few details that should not be missing from a woman’s bag. What’s more, a quality genita would be needed like a leather tote bag if it is a respectable person or a job that requires it.

How to choose a bag that suits you

Everyone knows exactly what they are looking for. There are few people who can carry oversized bags and then switch to a mini bag or clutch. Obviously, I change the bag so I can match it with the outfit, but a regular woman does not make daily changes. Perhaps he does it periodically. If she’s used to a big a faux leather tote bag it means she needs a lot of things and then it’s going to be very hard to confuse her with just one side.

I like to find a balance and choose medium tote bag with zipper and handles. They are very practical, give you a special touch of elegance and can use a wide range of colors. I prefer common colors like black or brown. I do not like to change my bag every day, but I have moments when I need a novelty and then make changes that are appropriate for many types of outfits

Useful things that should not be missing from a bag

I know I’m carrying many things in my bag that are useless. Still, I have some that I use almost daily and without which I would not leave home. It’s never known when you need a pack of wet napkins or dry napkins, for example. You tear, your nose is running or you get scratch, and you need these wipes. Let’s say the agenda can be replaced with a smartphone. It has the kind of functions that can make your work a lot easier and you do not have to waste your memory with unnecessary stuff. Wallet is important and useful. In it you can put money, identity cards, cards, etc. In addition to all these things, everyone also puts things according to their preferences. I use the sunscreen spy and sunglasses in the summer. In winter I do not miss lip balm and creamy lipsticks and even gloves.

What type of bag do you like?



  1. Imi plac gentile de piele pentru felul in care arata dar si pentru rezistenta lor in timp fiindca recunosc ca nu sunt genul care isi cumpara o geanta in fiecare luna si atunci prefer sa i-au una si buna.

  2. Imi plac gentile incapatoare, deoarece sunt una din acele persoane care are orice la ea. De la servetele, pana la casti. Intr-o geanta de piele de calitate merita sa investesti.

  3. Imi plac mult gentile elegante, insa de mult mai multe ori port rucsacuri sau genti mai practice pentru ca imi car 1000 de lucruri dupa mine! Geanta rosie e divina! 🙂

  4. I love all the bags in these pictures, and I think that the right size is the size you need. For example I always need large bags, to put inside them all my stuff for the office, including a dossier.

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