Transformations during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important moment in any woman’s life. On this occasion, the body suffers a series of changes that are not well informed. Since I personally hit a pregnancy and I saw a number of changes and I informed myself much more than it is, I want to tell you what you can expect on this occasion. Here are some changes your body experiences during pregnancy:


  • The body takes a few extra pounds and the skin stretches more than you might think. The body is only prepared for the elasticity of our skin to suffer. It is preferable to help with creams and special oils that prevent it from breaking. When it breaks, stretch marks appear. With that, there’s not much you can do. If you want to document your pregnancy and know what to expect, you can read
  • The breasts also undergo changes. They increase their volume and I could say that during breastfeeding they double their volume. We do not have to enjoy it too much because we return to the original form on the table we are breastfeeding. There is no joy for a long time. It looks best before pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy we do not have menstruation, but there may be some leaks. You have to learn to know more about your body, and any change that is suspect or different from what happened to you in the past may be a question mark. Do not hesitate to consult your gynecologist for any questions. Sometimes it can come up with a much more subjective response than anything you find on the internet.
  • We have to rest during pregnancy. It is important that the child catches us in a perfectly balanced mental state. After the baby comes, we may not have enough time to relax and sleep very much. The child also goes through a period of accommodation with this life and can have crying crying for no reason.
  • Sexual life is also a delicate chapter. Depending on what the gynecologist says, this activity may be allowed throughout pregnancy or not. There are many people who prefer to interrupt sexual activity during pregnancy because this is the most important. Even after birth it is not easy to return to the form before and the partner must have some more patience with the partner.


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